The Sweet Life of Sam

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”

–William Shakespeare

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Samantha. I’m addicted to creating, experimenting, and traveling (and eating… if that wasn’t already apparent). It just became time that I got myself a place to track all my tested recipes and travel finds.

The kitchen has always been my favorite place: my stress reliever and creative outlet. So it was only appropriate to take my love to the next level. I attended culinary school and graduated in 2016 with an Associate’s Degree in Baking and Pastry, along with an intense passion for sugar that more often than not keeps me up at night. I’ve worked in various bakeries, a restaurant, and catering, and the place I’m the happiest is at home in my kitchen making a mess. I’m always thinking of something new (and when I say always, I mean all. the. time.) to create, and a typical job doesn’t always allow for that. So I found myself an outlet, and one that I can share with all of you.

I’ll do my best to break down recipes to make them easy for you – because that’s what this is all about. Have a little patience and dedication, and anyone can turn out some fabulous treats. And remember, if once it doesn’t work, just try again. All of your failures will make each one of your successes that much sweeter.

Aside from being in the kitchen, traveling is probably my #2. Getting to explore a new area and it’s culture and food with the people you love is tough to beat. So aside from the typical baking posts, I’ll share with you my travels and reviews so whether you want to live vicariously through my photos or take a trip for yourself, I’ll have it all there for you.

One last note- you’ll notice all of my blog posts ending with two words: stay hungry. Those are two words I try to live by; staying motivated, driven, and hungry for more. And more importantly, being hungry for whatever delicious treats you’re creating.

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