Toronto Treats


Toronto Treats

With summer coming to an end, it was time to squeeze in one last weekend trip with my friends. There isn’t a huge list of cities close enough to travel to for a short weekend getaway, especially by car. With some friends meeting us from New York, Toronto became the perfect spot. Toronto is a fairly cheap travel spot full of spots to sight see and unique restaurants.


We stayed right outside of the city. It saved us some money and was only a few minute Uber ride to wherever we wanted to go. Of course, this trip wasn’t a New York City trip when comparing food stops, but we squeezed in a few quality spots in our short weekend.


If you have some free time, I’d definitely suggest checking out The St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto. It is basically a smaller version of Pike’s Place market in Seattle.  It’s filled with fresh produce, bakeries, and products from local businesses. We bought ourselves some prosciutto, cheese, and wine and had ourselves a delicious afternoon. Toronto is definitely a city I will work my way back to.


Don’t forget – Stay Hungry


Ihalo Krunch

This new trend is on the rise, and I am officially a big fan, IHalo Krunch serves charcoal ice cream in charcoal cones. And no, the soft serve doesn’t actually taste like charcoal. It has a calm, sweet flavor that is kind of difficult to pinpoint. The different colors are different flavors but only are slightly different from one another. They do have a matcha flavor, which of course tastes like matcha. Their charcoal cones are extra crunch and somehow don’t get soggy. AND they put a bit of marshmallow fluff at the bottom so that when your ice cream starts to melt, it won’t drip everywhere. There will probably be a line if you go on the weekend, but we waited for maybe 5 minutes. This place is definitely worth checking out.

Suggestions: And charcoal ice cream



Conveniently, this bakery is right down the street from Ihalo Krunch. So naturally, I went directly here after I finished my cone. Nadege not only serves baked goods, but a variety of sandwiches as well. They serve all of the traditional French baked goods and most of their sandwiches are served on a freshly baked croissant. This cute little bakery has seating inside and is right across from one of Toronto’s nicest parks, a perfect place to enjoy everything.

Suggestions: Ham and Cheese Brioche, Pate a Choux, Mini Gateaux, Macarons



Pizza Librettos

Our three musts traveling to Toronto were ice cream, poutine, and pizza. Pizza Librettos did not disappoint. This trendy restaurant serves a variety of pizza, cocktails, beers, and appetizers. This delicious and crispy wood fired pizza was topped with all fresh ingredients. They have a pizza on special every week, and I highly suggest it. We ordered three different pizzas and they were all consumed in about 5 minutes. If you’re looking for a nicer, sit down pizza place, check it out.

Suggestions: Margherita, Pepperoni, Weekly Special


Smoke’s Poutinerie

I’ll admit, we didn’t stop and get some true traditional Canadian poutine. I’m still a little upset about it, but I’d definitely go back to Smoke’s for more. They serve their poutine with a variety of toppings, but we opted for the traditional: gravy and cheese curds. Their portions are huge and definitely shareable. It’s a nice spot to stop in and grab a bite.

Suggestions: Traditional


Café Crepe

This breakfast spot was our back up, but I think we all were happy we ended up here. Café Crepe’s majority of crepes go through take out, but they also have seating in the back. Their menu is extremely large, filled with savory and sweet crepes. They have any combination you can think of, along with a list of add-ins available for you as well. One crepe is definitely enough to fill you up.

Suggestions: Ham, Swiss, and egg; Nutella and dark chocolate; cinnamon sugar and butter