NYC Eats

NYC Eats

I’ve finally come down off of my week long post-vacation sugar rush, only ready for another. But that’s not what we’re here for today (bummer, I know. Next week’s post is back to sugar.). I promise this one is just as good. And in case you missed last week’s post, check it out here.

It was a little more difficult for me to map out all of our meal stops. In any big city, it’s easy to look up the best restaurants, but that typically gives you the most expensive ones. So after some research and investigation, I finally found some quality and affordable spots for us – to take a break from sweets and consume some real food. *Keep an eye out for a future article about how to find the best restaurants for any vacation.*

A few of these restaurants are a little pricier, but there are some cheap eats in here as well. I’m always down for a cheap slice of pizza, but sometimes an elaborate, well-made meal is tough to beat.  But hey, you’re on vacation – teat yo’ self.

Remember – Stay Hungry

Upper West Side

Shake Shack

It just so happened that this was our first bite of NYC. We got in late, and my hangry family needed something fast. Thankfully we were close enough to this area to hit up the Shake Shack. This was a delicious fast meal, but I honestly thought it didn’t live up to the hype (except for their fries, I’d eat those all day). But hey, everyone was happy and full – and that’s what mattered.

*I know there’s a rivalry between Shake Shack and In N Out, and I’d vote for In N Out every time.

Suggestions: Burger, French Fries x 10, Chocolate Shake (the Milk Bar is within walking distance, so be sure to hit it up afterwards)

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Pizza Pete’s

This pizza stop wasn’t planned OR chosen by me, but I’d definitely go back. We had just finished checking out the MET and needed some pizza in our system, so I left it up to my brother to find a place. This tiny hole-in-the-wall spot was DELICIOUS. They have about 12 pizzas made at all times, full of different toppings. Pizza’s Pete’s is the perfect spot to stop and grab a slice.

Suggestions: Margherita, Broccoli and Chicken, White


Kazunori: The Original Hand Roll Bar

As a sushi addict, I had to include at least one sushi restaurant on the trip. And let me tell you – this took the cake (sadly, not legitimate cake this time). Kazunori offers handrolls, which is the simplest form of sushi: seaweed wrap, rice, and meat. They roll them right in front of you one at a time so you get an extremely fresh roll. The rice is still warm and the seaweed still crunchy. After all my rolls had arrived…  I ended up ordering more. This was close to being one of my favorite stops on the trip.

Suggestions: Any hand roll – nothing disappointed

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Lower Manhattan

Lombardi’s Coal Oven Pizza

When looking up which pizza places to go to, Lombardi’s was always popping up. They’ve been open since 1905 so obviously they know what they’re doing. They don’t have a huge menu (sign of a quality restaurant) and had fast service. Their pizza wasn’t too pricey and was delicious. I don’t think it sat on our table for more than two minutes before mere crumbs were left. I highly suggest checking this place out.

Suggestions: Margherita Pizza

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Black Tap

If you read last week’s post, Black Tap was featured for their insane milkshakes. Their burgers were equally as good. This restaurant has such a neat vibe – you’re seated downstairs, there’s neon signs and 80’s pop playing. It feels like you’re in an 80’s movie but with crazy good burgers that have a modern twist. The burgers blew us away. Everything was so fresh and flavorful (then followed by the sugar-filled milkshakes). This place usually has a long wait, so if you’re looking to avoid that, try heading over for lunch instead of dinner.

Suggestions: Turkey burger, American burger

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Upper East Side


Sarabeth’s was probably the fanciest place we stopped on our trip. This brunch place had nothing but good reviews, so we had to check it out. Every one of our dishes was delicious. All of their menu items are so unique and different, which lead to a good tasting for me… taking a bite of everyone’s meal per usual. And on top of their meals, their breakfast drinks were delicious as well. If you can make it work, this place is definitely worth your time. And if you’re waiting in line, head across the street to Juice Press for a delicious smoothie.

Suggestions: Potato waffle (best food of the trip), Mimosa, Eggs benedict

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East Village

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Momofuku has multiple different restaurants, all with different vibes and prices. The Noodle Bar is situated right in the middle. Serving an array of Japanese dishes, it’s a perfect casual dinner spot. My ramen-loving family gave this restaurant their approval. We started with the steam buns and they were incredible. Take my advice and make sure there’s at least one for everyone (or two… I wouldn’t have been mad with that). I’m a pretty avid meat eater but opted for their vegan ramen that was supposedly the best item on the menu. It ended up being the most flavorful ramen I’d ever eaten. If this style of food isn’t quite your speed, check out their multiple other restaurants. Added bonus – Momofuku owns the Milk Bar as well, so they offer some of their treats at every location.

Suggestions: Shrimp Steam Buns, Chicken Pho, Hozon Ramen

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