NYC Sweets

NYC Sweets


Let me just start off by saying that I might possibly be writing this while in a food coma. New York City came close to taking me and my family down, but we all pulled through – 15 pounds heavier but 10x happier. After making a food map of the city, we put our stretchy pants on and for 3 days, off we went. Hitting a total of 18 spots, I’d say we didn’t do too shabby. A quick shout out to my family for always being up for a snack and most importantly, patiently waiting to eat each of their meals so I could take all of the pictures you’re about to see. You’re the best.


Our food tour of NYC consisted of so many stops that I’ll be splitting the info up into two separate posts: NYC Eats and NYC Sweets. Starting with the sweets of course, stay tuned for next week’s post of the savory side of the city. I like to refer to them as “sweets” and not “desserts”. Saying the word dessert infers that it’s to be eaten after a meal, and that’s not how I like to live my life. Want a sugary treat at 11 am? Eat it. And that’s exactly what we did.


Before you visually indulge in this post, I want to make a statement saying this is a judgement-free zone. The four of us (mostly me) consumed a ridiculous amount of treats, way more than a normal person should. I don’t exactly suggest tackling all of these spots in just three days unless you’re really up for the challenge. You may want to grab a snack and take a seat before scrolling through my sweet treat tour of NYC. That’s just a suggestion. But regardless, enjoy.


-Especially now, Stay Hungry








Upper West Side

Momofuku Milk Bar Upper West Side

This stop was one of my musts on this trip. Having multiple locations throughout the city, Momofuku Milk Bar makes it almost impossible not to make your way to one. With such an innovative mind, pastry chef Christina Tosi developed some amazing creations. Her Cereal Milk soft serve is where it’s at. Don’t limit yourself here – go out of your comfort zone and get something crazy, she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Suggestions: Cereal Milk Soft Serve (with crunch), Birthday Cake Soft Serve, Birthday Cake Truffles, Cornflake Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Cookie, Compost Cookie, and Crack Pie.

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We consumed our Bouchon treats as pre-dinner snack. Located in Rockefeller Center, it’s the perfect spot to grab some sweets, sit outside, and relax. Thanks to Thomas Keller, Bouchon is one of the most highly regarded bakeries there is. Along with baked goods, they also serve an array of sandwiches and breakfast items. Nothing here will disappoint, so get whatever your heart desires.

Suggestions: Tomas Keller Oreo, Croissant, Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Doughnut Plant

Oh. My. Goodness. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many donuts eaten so fast. I almost didn’t get a picture of them all before they were snatched up. The Doughnut Plant is killing the donut game. They have chocolate covered donuts, cake flavored donuts, square filled donuts, rose donuts, and even a revolutionary ripple donut. Sadly, they were out of the rose and ripple. The rose donut magically looks like a rose and comes in three flavors. The ripple is actually made up of three separate rings and flavors, all placed together for some serious donut-goodness. They were currently featuring a Pride donut: a triangle shaped, raspberry glazed donut with rainbow stripes. I’m not the biggest donut fan, but I ate every last crumb. We almost didn’t make it here, but I’m so glad we did. Check out their multiple locations.

Suggestions: Valrhona Chocolate, Carrot Cake, Cinnamon Bun

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Mini Melanie

This little shop was extremely difficult to find but so worth it. They are located on the eighth floor in a giant white warehouse. Mini Melanie makes an array of truffles and cute mini cakes. However their Brooklyn location is actually their bakery. It was kind of neat to be able to see into the operation. Luckily for us, you can purchase their truffles here as well. If you’re in Brooklyn, I suggest giving it a try.

Suggestions: Cookies and Cream Truffle, Banana Bread Truffle, Chocolate Cake Truffle

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The Bagel Store

I’d drive over to Brooklyn ten times just for one of these bagels. They are super delicious and probably the most exciting bagel you will ever eat. They became famous for their rainbow bagels, but The Bagel Store has expanded their exciting bagels to various kinds, like a unicorn, galaxy, and Wonder Woman bagel. But the fun doesn’t stop there – their spreads are AMAZING. You can literally choose to get your bagel with cookie dough on it. I don’t think I need to say anymore. Hit this place up. (Also, there is a delicious coffee shop right around the corner.)

Suggestions: Any fun bagel, Funfetti spread, Cookie Dough spread, Chocolate Cake spread

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Lower Manhattan

Stick with me Sweets

On our way to one of New York’s original pizza spots (featured in next week’s blog!), we had the Uber driver let us out early. That led us to walk by this little shop. I follow Stick with Me Sweets on Instagram, but surprisingly had no idea they were in NYC. Their bonbons might just be the shiniest I have ever seen. And their caramels and fudge? Oh so gooey and delicious. These were a perfect snack while waiting in line for our pizza.

Suggestions: New York, NY Truffle, Speculoos Smores Truffle, Bourbon Maple Pecan Truffle

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by Chloe

By Chloe was a bakery we popped into on our walk home. As a vegan bakery, it was worth a stop to check out. Our order was “one of every cookie please”. This included a GIANT vegan cinnamon chocolate chip espresso cookie that was totally worth it. They sell an array of items: cookies, cupcakes, cakes, push-pops, and ice cream.

Suggestions: Chocolate Chip cookie, Black and White Cookie, Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Espresso Cookie

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I almost shed a tear walking into this store. The store itself is beautiful let alone all of the macarons and pastries they have in the case. If you want a macaron, this is 100% the bakery to get one from. You’re welcome to indulge in your sweets at a table or take them to go. I didn’t even bother looking at any of the other sweets… So I can’t suggest past the macarons. I still have one macaron left that I’ve been savoring. Good luck not purchasing the entire store.

Suggestions: Pistachio macaron, Chocolate macaron, Raspberry macaron

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Black Tap

This is part one of Black Tap’s food post because it was just that good (part two coming next week!). We initially went here to get their crazy, over-the-top shakes, but their burgers almost turned out to be better. If you are looking for a prime Instagram opportunity, here it is. I don’t think their shakes could possibly contain anything else. They are literally overflowing with sugar. We split two between the four of us, and that was even a struggle. Black Tap was voted one of the top stops on our trip, so you might want to make your way over to them.

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Taiyaki NYC

Taiyaki NYC provided us with one of our many late night ice cream stops. This Chinese ice cream joint serves their soft serve in fish shaped and custard filled waffle cones. How cool is that? The ice cream is delicious and cute. But be warned, they melt decently fast, so don’t take too long to eat it (or take five minutes taking pictures like I did. Whoops).

Suggestions: Very Berry, Chocolate

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